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Pearl Bay Residence, Cape Town, South Africa by Gavin Maddock Design Studio | via

This pristine contemporary home is located on the west coast 90kms north of Cape Town – bordered by a nature reserve adjoining the ocean. Sites like this don’t come much more spectacular. Taking full advantage of the ocean views and responding to the coastal dune context, Gavin Maddock describes it as ‘a glorious site’.

The client wanted a holiday house she would eventually retire to. The brief called for a ‘modern’ house with ocean views and a strict observance of a limited budget, which was to include the standard accommodation requirements.

With the front dune sitting up a little higher than the rest of the site, the challenge was to reconcile house, dune and views. The result is a rectangular double storey structure of 600 square metres with imaginatively conceived outdoor living spaces. It comprises: three bedrooms, four bathrooms, generous living and dining areas both inside and out, a gallery, casual living room, a study, decks, terraces and balconies: Ocean views exist from virtually every room. .

Given a limited brief the focuse was on two main issues: a modern signature within the budget. The architecture and interiors enjoy various aesthetic interests and were inspired by the west coast landscape which is quite textural and typified by simple white houses and cottages, reminiscent of the Mediterranean.

Photography: Adam Letch

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Another Twitter dump!  I really gotta remember to just start posting things at the same time, I’m losing track of what I’ve posted and where.

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Angus McLane – Couch Potatoes

Angus McLane is a crazy, Lego fanatic,  highly creative guy. Yep. Just have a look at his flickr to have the confirmation.

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